vrijdag 28 oktober 2016

Blond Amsterdam: A Dutch brand of handmade pottery

Blond Amsterdam is very colorfull pottery, developed bij two young Dutch women Femque and Janneke!
This brand is already 15 years on the Dutch market en is expiring now to several countries abroad.
The pottery is mostly hand decorated.
The Blond Amsterdam collection has several collections like:
*Delft Blond a typical delft blue dinerset
*Even bijkletsen, lets get together and have fun,talk about girls stuff.
This is a collection that stays and is expiring constantly.Its the base of the brand Blond Amsterdam!
* Blond Asia: this is a diner set inspired by Sushi and Japanese food!
* Blond Romance: a new collection of red/white colors also hand decorated!
Each year Blond Amsterdam makes limited editions and a special christmas and Sinterklaas items!
We are very proud to be a important retailer with a large collection of Blond Amsterdam.
We try to have each item on stock in our store in Uden, and we also sell Blond Amsterdam on the internet.https://gloudemanskokenenkado.nl/servies/blond-amsterdam-effe-bijkletsen-bla-bla-bla.html

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